Owners who hold properties as rental investments or rent them out because a sale isn’t financially viable at this time have concerns that can only be met by a property management firm that understands their needs and commits to a high level of performance in delivering some very detailed services:

  • Marketing the rental property.

  • Tenant selection services:

                   *Legal and comprehensive tenant application.

                   *Tenant interviews that comply with all state and 

                     federal laws.

                   *Thorough background and credit checks, 

                     plus calling references.

  • Move–in and move–out services:

                   *Walk–through and tenant checklists of 

                     property condition.

  • Rehab of the property between tenants.
  • Property condition & maintenance services.
  • Rent collection & disbursement:

                   *Timely collection of rents.

                    *Proper application of late rent procedures 

                      & penalties.

                    *Eviction processing if necessary.


Just found out that Brad Hoffart has his own property management company now. He is the best manager we've ever had. He can be trusted, he works hard, he takes care of owners and renters. So glad he's still available!